Your posts are awesome and represents your true feelings. Keep it up and I would love to wait for another post.


Philosophizing at 2 am

There’s something about writing a post at 2 am in the morning after being just a little bit off the rocker. With a gorgeous city view from my window and some rebel in my system - here it is. No, this is not a depressing entry about life. 2 am can be a time for inspiration!

The human touch is so much about the simple things. Telling someone you miss them or you were a good friend and helped them through something difficult, or cooking together or sharing a laugh together - anything, simple things that make us smile get us through our days and our months and our years. If you take into account all the simple small things that make you smile - it’s not so bad after all. When I go back and forth between home in Canada to home in the Caribbean - it’s a complete 360 - the weather, the people, the accents, the customer service for goodness sakes! It’s like - what the heck just happened and where am I? I get used to one place and then shift to another - get used to that place and then have to shift to another. It’s a little irritating since I associate one home with vacation and one with studying. Where my heart lies, it’s kind of obvious.

And so I come to realize- I don’t really know why I’m writing this post, but I am. At 2.30 am now, I am happy. I know that I will wake up in a few hours for the reality to hit me that I am leaving home again - to realize that my worlds will change again, one more time. Goodness! I need the strength to know how it’s like to sit in front of a computer and study 24/7 again!

So to all those travelling away from home in time for school/work/co-op/other occupations, I salute you.

Until then - goodnight and I bid y’all adieu!


The rainy heart

When stars fall, their shine is lost, and from a distance, the music starts to sound faint. The air becomes still.

A lotta love to give, a lotta love to learn. The heart melts into a soft puddle, painted with all the colours of the rainbow. The colours beat with the rhythm of the heart. Then comes the rain, like a dark knight hovering overhead, covering the reflection of the skies…it cleanses. It cleanses what was there, to make things pure again.

You reach out to the surface, but you only grab air — empty, devoid of the opacity of the heart. And yet you breathe.. because you must. You must survive, you must move on.

"There’s a lot to complain about in life, because we always strive for more than what we get. But here’s the deal, the world isn’t perfect, the people around you aren’t perfect, and you better be sure that you ain’t perfect either. So this is what you do. Roll up your sleeves (oh, you’re a big kid now), and make yourself your own competition. You’ll realize that there’s only more work you need to do on yourself (unless you’re a narcissist of course). Get up, get going, strive to learn! Gravitate towards your true potential."

— Vrishali Suman


Chocolatey smiles

Frustrated with the amount of words on each powerpoint slide about autoimmunities and immunodeficiencies that I needed to shove into my brain, I thought of derailing for a bit. Just a few things I thought of that made me smile and regain some of my sanity. Eh, the moment called for it, and so I shall share.

Sitting on a ledge facing the ocean. Ice-cream. With bananas, strawberries, and chocolate syrup. That breathtaking sunset beaming over the ocean. With those you can call my own - creating a silhouette against the background. Clouds taking shapes — a horse, a whale, a frying pan. A genuine smile from a stranger. A shoulder to cry on. Dancing in your room with all the moves in your ‘repertoire’. Laughing about dumb things and internet memes till 2 am with the roommate. Stealing chocolate off of the best friend. Going online to find the friend you always end up having endless conversations with. Not realizing and putting the wrong words to a song but singing like it’s the real thing. Opening the fridge to find edible things at 3 am! Waking up to warmth, comfort, familiarity… right next to you. Innocent laughter. Brief cool breeze on a ridiculously hot day.

Pause. Smile. Because maybe it’s these small things that made your heart feel…just a little warm.



If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you take a few minutes to check this website out. It’s bound to give you a little something to smile about: http://1000awesomethings.com/




srisarts said: Hey Vrish :) You should do a blog post on the pros and cons of completely relocating. It would be good insight for those of us who live at home! Keep up the awesome blog!

That is an amazing idea. As per your request, a post on that will be coming up very soon :)


Coffee shop – one of my favourite places to be. There are about 20 people here at a time. Each of them probably opened and closed the door twice (on their way in and then out). That makes it about 40 times within the first 20 minutes itself for that door to have experienced any kind of motion. There are people going in and out almost every 5 minutes. Imagine the number of times that door must have opened or closed. 

I sit here in the coffee shop with my laptop, staring at lecture slides, eating a very filling chicken sandwich. My head is processing immunology, along with the fresh smell of coffee, the sound of the wonderful coffee and latte makers, the relaxing lounge music in the background, the million voices and whispers all around me. Other people with their own laptops, notebooks, and conversations. There’s someone anxiously staring at the door waiting for someone. Someone is lost in his own thoughts, mumbling to himself, perhaps about what he is to write next in his notebook. Someone staring blankly at the menu on the wall of the shop, trying to make a tough decision between that latte and mocha. Gosh, I know how that feels. Some sigh, some smile, some frown, just for a little while.

Everyone has a story. That’s why I love coffee shops. When that door opens and closes, the wind that follows brings these people’s stories to life, like a bunch of colours put on canvas creating a beautiful painting.

Cheers to having a good cup of coffee to start the day :)



INCREDIBLE poem. Great start to the blog Vrishali, this is awesome :D



The heart wants to speak. Murmurs. Breathe some life into it and it talks. Hurt by loneliness. Flutters when happy. Its partner, the head, seems to have its own mind. Running in opposite directions, the heart and the mind fight to find middle ground. Desires and dreams, fire and streams. You want some light in the darkness. Reach out and ask the atmosphere to guide you in your wonder – and so you see tons, hear nothing, and learn some. Like the first time you learn to swim. Fighting fears and learning to love the waters. Once you do, it carries you in your quest. So how do you find your answer? A clue in the sand or some light shining through the surface lighting up that beautiful world that lies within you.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live"

— Albus Dumbledore